Happy Family: 9 Rules for Women

Of course, it is quite difficult to follow these rules, especially if you are ambitious and emotional. But the rational grain is present in all of us. Perhaps, after reading these rules of a happy family life, you can reconsider your views on marital relations and change them for the better.

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1. Do not think that the profession, career and social prestige will replace your family and children. As hard as it is, you have to learn how to combine them. And do not forget that a woman should pay the necessary attention to her appearance, clothes and everything else, visible and invisible, attributes of femininity.

2. A good family does not appear out of nowhere, you don’t get it for free, it does not add up by itself. It, like any human creation, requires tremendous unremitting efforts, attention and skill. Moreover, much more from a woman than from a man.

3. In case of quarrel, strife, discord, look for guilt, first of all, in yourself, and only then in the husband. Other people's shortcomings are always more noticeable than their own. No matter how upset or angry you are with the act of your husband, do not hurry to react and splash out your grievances. Wait, try to calm down. And only then act.

4. Try to constantly find positive traits in the nature and appearance of the husband and, if possible, tell him about them. Hearing about his virtues, he will strive to become better. Do not miss the opportunity to talk about how good you are with him. Praising self-esteem strengthens his attachment to you. At the same time, such confessions stimulate it, energize it. Understand that even in an intimate sphere, despite the romantic dreams of a perfect man, much depends on you.

5. Do not be dissatisfied, gloomy, do not whine, even though there is a reason for this. A sad wife very soon bores her husband. Believe me, your husband has a lot of worries and his men's problems. It is better to remember how yesterday you were trying to win his favor, chose him among all the other candidates, and that you really are very suitable for each other.

6. Do not allow yourself to flirt with a colleague or another man. This will cause unnecessary suffering and bring nervousness into the family. A new object is unlikely to be better and more perfect. It would be possible to get to know him more closely, you would probably have discovered in him much more serious shortcomings than her husband, to which you have already become accustomed.

7. Try to inspire the children with love and respect for their father. Do not compete with him, for winning their love. Be generous. Respect his parents, regardless of their qualities or attitudes. He notices, even if he does not show it, your tolerance and nobility.

8. Do not take alone important decisions that are of vital importance to the family. Discuss them with your husband, and, although he may eventually accept your offer, he will have the feeling that he was involved in making the decision and that you value his opinion. Despite the leadership of men in society as a whole, in a family a man is often shyer than a woman.

9. No excess jealousy, but do not go to the opposite extreme, showing indifference.